Welcome to Procrastination Station

It’s exam season and that means that I should be studying but guess who’s at stopped at procrastination station? Your girl right here. The study train has taken a break and all the passengers including motivation, energy and focus have gotten off the train for a little snack.

Dear Helena: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Welcome to a new series! This series will feature a chronology of Helena’s and my life. We hope to regularly update each other on shenanigans, issues and events in our lives. Hope you enjoy our little “letters” to each other! Dear 姐姐 (sister), 中秋节快乐! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! With today being the Chinese version of Thanksgiving,Continue reading “Dear Helena: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival”

Picnics and tarts

It was a warm July evening, a perfect day for a picnic. The Vancouver rain had cleared just in time for our girls night out. We hopped in the car and headed out to Iona beach. With the sun shining away the clouds and airplanes roaring by above us, we found a picnic table andContinue reading “Picnics and tarts”

(a late) Revival

hello friends It’s been awhile hasn’t it? I was naive in thinking that I would be able to pump out a post or two every so often while managing school and extracurriculars but the challenges of second year university caught me unawares and proved to be too much for me to juggle. My courses chainedContinue reading “(a late) Revival”