Picnics and tarts

It was a warm July evening, a perfect day for a picnic. The Vancouver rain had cleared just in time for our girls night out. We hopped in the car and headed out to Iona beach. With the sun shining away the clouds and airplanes roaring by above us, we found a picnic table andContinue reading “Picnics and tarts”

Goodbye BC

It’s almost the end of my summer. I boarded a flight yesterday to fly across the country and to move back to school. From blueberry picking, to long hikes, to eating my mom’s cooking, it has been an amazing two months of seeing my family and friends back in BC.


Hello there! I know its been a while since we set up the blog without posting anything but here I go. First real post! A while back, during the summer, I went to Kisamos in Richmond with a friend.¬†After a nice walk around Garry Point, we found ourselves famished. I suggested we go to KisamosContinue reading “Kisamos”