back to the indoors

If you’re here for a delicious vegan brownie recipe, scroll down to the bottom of this post! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a blog post. Ever since the initial lockdown back in March, I’ve written many drafts, filled of all the thoughts and feelings of the events of this year that IContinue reading “back to the indoors”

French Baking

Macarons. The Achilles heel of many bakers. Notoriously finicky but all the hard work and precision pays off, resulting in a delicate little cookie packing a punch. I still remember my very first time experiencing the magic of a macaron. My friend who had just returned from a trip to France, came home with aContinue reading “French Baking”

Be thankfull

Paris, j’allume une bougie pour vous. C’est plus important que jamais que nous gardons nos coeurs ouverts en face de ces attaques tragiques. Nous devons combattre ces actes de violence avec de l’amour et de la compassion. Nous devons nous souvenir de tous ceux qui perdent leur vie chaque jour dans la guerre et la violence.  OneContinue reading “Be thankfull”

An (un)healthy Obsession

The internet has an unhealthy obsession with fall. Fall is when the weather cools, the sweaters come out, and the leaves start bleeding their last glorious bits of colour, phoenixes making their last stand before the bareness of winter. Youtube beauty gurus start rocking their dark lip colours, Starbucks brings out its infamous PSL (PumpkinContinue reading “An (un)healthy Obsession”