What to eat at Smogasburg in Williamsburg

Day 6 of our trip to New York was my kind of day; a full day of stuffing our faces with the most delicious foods. It was a crazy windy late morning in Williamsburg when we arrived at the weekly Saturday food festival, Smorgasburg but the gusty wind didn’t deter us from munching down onContinue reading “What to eat at Smogasburg in Williamsburg”

Island Hopping

We grabbed some pralined almonds and cashews from the street car just outside the church to tide us over until we found somewhere to have some real food. The nuts were warm, sweet and delightfully crunchy. I would say that they are a must try when in Manhattan. Cheap and easy to find, just follow your nose to every other street corner.

Donuts, Rain and Cathedrals

NYC Day four: Chinatown, Little Italy and Midtown Manhatten It was a raining day in NYC. We rattled along in the old Metro system and found our way to Chinatown to grab some things that Helena and Mom needed as well as to eat some delicious food. Mom quickly found and bought everything that sheContinue reading “Donuts, Rain and Cathedrals”

New York Round 2

Right after my last final exam in April and just before jetting off here to Germany, I flew to New York to visit Helena again. But this time, it was with the whole family. This was the first “vacation” we’ve had together as a family in a long time. (I say “vacation” because Helena wasContinue reading “New York Round 2”

A surprise package

It was a warm Saturday afternoon. Mom and I were sitting in the kitchen deciding what to make for dinner. She peered into the fridge and her eyes landed on the bowl of chicken stock that she had made. Over her shoulder she asked me, “Why don’t we make 小笼包 (xiao long bao — XLB)Continue reading “A surprise package”

Donuts, Burgers and Waitress

Day 3 (afternoon): October 3rd, 2017 As I left Chelsea market, I took a look at my map and noticed that I was fairly close to another food location that I had wanted to hit up: DOUGH doughnuts. Although I was still pretty full, I convinced my naive brain that by the time I gotContinue reading “Donuts, Burgers and Waitress”