Dear Helena: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Welcome to a new series! This series will feature a chronology of Helena’s and my life. We hope to regularly update each other on shenanigans, issues and events in our lives. Hope you enjoy our little “letters” to each other! Dear 姐姐 (sister), 中秋节快乐! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! With today being the Chinese version of Thanksgiving,Continue reading “Dear Helena: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival”

An (un)healthy Obsession

The internet has an unhealthy obsession with fall. Fall is when the weather cools, the sweaters come out, and the leaves start bleeding their last glorious bits of colour, phoenixes making their last stand before the bareness of winter. Youtube beauty gurus start rocking their dark lip colours, Starbucks brings out its infamous PSL (PumpkinContinue reading “An (un)healthy Obsession”