A quick stint in Oberstdorf

My role in the research project quickly took off. By week two, my supervisor and I headed to Oberstdorf to test out the system at one of the few ice rinks open in Germany during the summer.

As we rode the train through rolling green hills, I saw pockets of towns nestled at their bases and castle ruins perched on their peaks. I wondered what stories those villages and castles held. Who lived there and what was their day-to-day life like? It was beautiful.

After three hours of watching hills roll by, we arrived in Oberstdorf. The small ski resort town is located in the Allgäu Alps, with towering snowy peaks and beautiful hikes weaving through the lush forest. Although we spent most of our time in the rink, I did get the chance to explore the town a little bit.

I felt as though I had stumbled into an old fairy tale story.

The sky, a bright, morning blue with thin wisps of white cotton gently floating by. A bright turquoise river cutting through town, dancing between the ski houses and the gondola station. Clusters of wood beam houses tucked at base of a snowy mountain. Hikers, young and old, wandering down the lanes, through the winding alleys and into one outdoors shop to another. Eis cafes dot each street corner and a Backerei und Konditorei at every other.

I found myself inside one of these bakeries ordering an Eierschecke cake and bringing it up a twisting path to a gazebo on a hill over looking the quaint village. I sat there with the wind tickling my neck, breathing in the fresh mountain air, and ate my delicious cake.

Every city in the world has it’s own color and Oberstdorf’s, reminded me of home.

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