A transition through pastels

Post 1 of my European summer.

I hugged my mom, dad and sister goodbye to board my flight to depart for Europe. Through security, to my gate, down the aisle and into my seat, my European summer was officially about to start.

I arrived at the London Gatwick airport at around 8:00am. With my flight to Stuttgart not set to leave for another 7 hours, I decided to make a day trip to Brighton. I gathered my things and hopped on a train to the cute seaside town. Within 30 minutes, I had arrived.

I exited the train station, and the first thing I noticed was the gentle haze rendering everything into a soft pastel. I followed the small crowd of people, hoping that they would lead me towards the ocean. Sure enough, I was soon facing a vast expanse of blue. I breathed in deep, taking in the salty air and listened to the seagulls cry and children play. The sky met the ocean in a perfect hazy brush of pastel blue.

I wandered past the beautiful, quirky Royal Pavilion and into the Lanes, a shopping area with winding narrow alleys. The colorful shop display windows gleamed with golds and silvers, antiques and postcards. I found myself window shopping until I realized how hungry I was.

It was 3pm and I hadn’t eaten since my last plane meal that morning. I hopped into Trading Post Coffee Rosters, trusting that the bustle of people in and outside the place was a good sign. I ordered a butternut squash goat cheese sausage role plus a cappuccino and I couldn’t have been more content.

Finishing up the last crumb of my sausage role, I headed back out into the streets and started on my way back to the train station.

Short but sweet, my trip into Brighton was satisfying and relaxing. I was ready to see where my next steps would take me.

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