What to eat at Smogasburg in Williamsburg


Day 6 of our trip to New York was my kind of day; a full day of stuffing our faces with the most delicious foods. It was a crazy windy late morning in Williamsburg when we arrived at the weekly Saturday food festival, Smorgasburg but the gusty wind didn’t deter us from munching down on some unique and delicious street foods.

We split up into pairs, Helena and me, and Mom and Dad, each pair tasked with finding two dishes for the family to try. The air was filled with the smells of barbecue, cheese and an enticing mix of spices. We walked through the crowed rows, seeking out the dishes that called our names. There was paella, ramen burgers, ice cream, donuts, grilled cheeses, gourmet burgers, fried chicken, arepas, dumplings and so much more.

My pick in round 1 of dishes was a Bolani from Nansense, and Helena decided on Chicken Karage with Okonomiyaki Waffles from Tori-san Japanese Fried Chicken. We lined up, ordered, waited and grabbed our goods, then hunted down mom and dad to begin our feast. When we found them, they showed us the treasure they had nabbed. Instead of getting two separate dishes, they had gotten two Raclette burgers from Raclette NYC.

The bolani from Nansense was a tender, flaky flatbread filled with delicious greens and cheese and came paired with a tangy yogurt chutney. The chicken and waffles were perfectly crispy and a great fusion between an American southern classic and Japanese flavours. Finally, the raclette burger was as juicy and as cheesy as it gets. The brioche bun was perfectly toasted and the patty was thick and beautifully charred.

With round one–appetizers–done, it was time for round two. This time, the four of us stayed together as we walked down the aisles and split off only if we saw something that we really wanted and had to line up for. Helena wanted a Po’boy from Parish Po’boys and while we were lining up, mom went off to grab a paella.

Helena’s po’boy pick was a solid 10/10. A saucy creole comfort sandwich stuffed full of shrimp and dripping with sauce. Mom’s paella, while tasty, but paled in comparison with all the other street foods we had already had. It wasn’t very flavourful and there wasn’t much in it.

With our pace slowing down rapidly, I made our final our second last pick: Coxinha from Petisco Brazuca. Coxinha are a Brazilian street food, a deep fried ball of cheesy goodness. This was one of my favourite dishes of the day. The outside of the balls were fried to a golden crisp perfection and the cheese inside was mouthwateringly creamy and stringy.

By the time we finished the last golden ball each of us were stuffed and truly satisfied. But…

look at the cheese pull

Thinking we should be just about done Helena and I were drawn towards the Pasteis de Nata from the Portuguese stand. Their gorgeously broiled tops screamed at us to get one and so we did. It was definitely one of the highlights for me. Sweet, creamy, custardy, cinnamon-y and flaky, a delightful rich harmony of textures. Absolutely the best way to end our feast at Smorgasbord.

At that point, Dad and Helena were both feeling like they needed a cup of coffee so we headed to Helena’s favourite coffee shop, Devocion. With all the natural light pouring in from the huge sun-roof, the aesthetic number of plants and big comfy couches, I can see why this place was at the top of my sister’s list of coffee shops in New York. This place was so popular that the line to order was curved around the inside of the building. Both Helena and Dad got their coffees while Mom and I got these phenomenal “aromatics” which were fruit and herbal infusions true to their name in being aromatic.

Did you think we were done eating for the day? Nope. The evening was then spent visiting Dad’s old friends where they had a plethora of delicious home-cooked Chinese foods. By the end of the day, I was truly and fully stuffed to the brim. No regrets. It was one of my favourite days on this trip to New York.

If you go to Smorgasburg, be sure to check out all the delicious eats! I’ve shared just a few of the many offerings at this weekly food festival but with 100 vendors serving up innovative and unique dishes from around the world, you really can’t go wrong.

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