Hello, hello: From NYC

I never call you Belvina so I object to the title you gave to this thing. Instead:

Hello, hello little sis!

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve written on this blog (since literally the very beginning whoops) but I’ve been very busy (not) on my own blog and you came up with this terrible idea (i kid, i kid) so here we are again.

I start this blog, at least, from one of my old coffee shop haunts in New York City. I’m back, which, weirdly, doesn’t feel much different from the last time I was here. Except this time it’s for good (for now), though this clearly hasn’t sunk in yet.

I spent today walking down the west side of Manhattan, and while most of it has not changed when I got to Hudson Yards (you remember – the area next to the river down the street from Webster), I basically didn’t recognize it with even more skyscrapers poppin up than I remember (gentrification ahoy!)

hudson yards

Anyway. Last weekend I went apartment hunting, and this week I signed a lease for my very own studio apartment in the Upper East Side. I’m less excited about living in NYC than actually having my own space and being able to stay in one place for more than four months (!!!!! thanks waterloo /sideeye emoji/). Now I get to do the exciting thing that is decorating my place (aka building ikea furniture till my fingers hurt) and buying all the plants (because this place is no pets yes i know i made a mistake but the apartment’s cute and it’s a one year lease and i’ll be too busy to take care of a kitty!).

This thing is all over the place but that’s because it feels strange to be writing a diary/letter to ya in a public space like a blog. Although, I actually wrote a real life paper letter to you it would probably read something like this. Maybe it’ll get better as we keep doing this, but I wouldn’t count on it ha. Also seems like I will need to take more photos seeing as I literally have one photo to slot in here…

Hope school isn’t killing ya (but of course I know it won’t, my dear overachieving little sis), and I’ll see you in a month!




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Hello! I'm a displaced Vancouverite. I'm a violinist, a bit of a clarinetist, and a bit of a percussionist. I'm a foodie. I'm a traveller. Nice to meet ya!

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