Dear Helena: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Welcome to a new series! This series will feature a chronology of Helena’s and my life. We hope to regularly update each other on shenanigans, issues and events in our lives. Hope you enjoy our little “letters” to each other!

Dear 姐姐 (sister)

中秋节快乐! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


With today being the Chinese version of Thanksgiving, I’ll say a few things for which I am thankful for. I think I’ll be saying some of these for you too.


I am thankful for 舅舅  (Uncle),舅妈 (Aunt) and Choo. For being my family away from home, to have somewhere to go for a comforting Chinese meal and for a good heart to heart.

I am thankful for Mom and Dad for being honestly the best parents anyone could ask for. I feel like I am now just starting to scratch the surface on the sacrifices they made for me and you. I truly, truly appreciate everything they have done. From Dad basically giving up his career to take care of us, to Mom who worked a full time job yet still had the energy to deal with all of our crazy shenanigans.


Thank you for being the best sister. For giving me amazing ab work outs from telling jokes and stories that make me laugh until I’m rolling on the floor, clutching my stomach in pain.

This year, for some reason more than any other, I am wishing we were home, all together as a family, eating Mom’s 冰皮月饼 (Snow skin mooncake).


Tonight, I’ll look up to the full moon and remember that we are all looking at the same round, familiar light in the sky. Even though we are spread between the continent, we are connected by light of the moon. I can’t wait until everyone comes back to Ontario for your convocation in a month! But for tonight, I’ll make sure to keep a look out for 嫦娥 (the lady in the moon) and the bunny and hope that you do too.

Talk soon,


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