The High Line and Chelsea Market

Day 3 (morning): October 13th, 2017


Today, was a cloudy, drizzly day but I stuck with the plan to go to the High Line. To avoid the crowds, I Followed my sister’s advice and I left the apartment early.


My sister’s apartment wasn’t far from the start of the High Line but unfortunately, that entrance was closed. So, wandered a little further to 11th Ave and West 30th. There, I climbed up the steps and began my walk along the tracks.


The high line was originally a train track that ran through the center of the city, carrying goods to and from Manhattan’s industrial district. After the high line ran their last train, the tracks were threatened to demolition. Thankfully, the Friends of the High Line came in and advocated for the preservation of the High Line. They wanted it to turn it into a public open space and beautifully succeeded.


All along the high line are art installations by artists from around the world. These pieces blend seamlessly into the vegetation. A lion (or a sphinx?) hiding among the tall blades of grass; a pair of gigantic silver witches boots beneath a tree; a gramophone shaded beneath the giant leaves.


I loved this walk. It was peaceful and serene with little surprises here and there. (P.S. See if you can spot the Statue of Liberty!)

Can you see the statue of liberty?

I walked all the way to the very end of the tracks, then doubled back to Chelsea Market.


Chelsea market was by far my favorite tourist spot so far. Being a foodie, this place was heaven. There were so many delicious food options. From the best tacos in New York, to Iranian desserts and fresh seafood, this market was absolutely amazing. Not only is it home to so many outstanding restaurants, it’s also home to some big name companies such as YouTube, the Food Network and Google. (I’m not ashamed to say that I found the company elevators…)


I decided to try two restaurants from Chelsea Market: Los Tacos No. 1 and Mokbar. You cannot leave New York without grabbing a bite from these two joints. From Los Tacos No. 1, I got the adobada taco. Though it was messy to eat, it was so worth it. Every bite was fireworks in my mouth. They truly are No. 1 in the taco scene.


Pork Adobada Taco ($3.50)

From Mokbar, I got the Tteokboki, a Korean rice cake dish. This was the best tteokboki that I have ever had. The rice cakes were gently fried in browned butter giving them a crisp outer crust, with the inside remaining tender and perfectly chewy. Salty, sweet and just the right amount of spice, this was one of the most memorable dishes of my trip.


I wish I were back at Chelsea market munching my way through all the eats.

Stay tuned for donuts, musical theater and more food in the next post.



Chelsea Market
75 9th Avenue
New York, NY

Los Tacos No. 1
75 9th Avenue
New York, NY

75 9th Avenue
New York, NY

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