Satisfying the Senses

New Year, New post, New York continued.

Day 2: October 18th, 2017

Today was the first day of truly exploring the Big Apple. Breakfast was had at my sister’s apartment, then my sister and I parted ways: she left for work and I grabbed the camera and set out for a day full of art.


I took the E train all the way to the Museum of Natural History, strolled through Central Park and arrived at the Met before it opened. Although it was early on a weekday, Central park was already bustling with children, tourists and runners. I could’ve easily gotten lost in this oasis in center of the city. I wish I could’ve had more time to explore the ponds, trails and winding paths but my day was set on art.


Admission to the Met is “pay what you wish”, which was perfect for my student sized wallet. I also decided to buy an audio guide to maximize my limited time at this ginormous institution.


I began my visit meandering amidst beautiful Greek and Roman gods and goddesses nymphs and satyrs. Some with cloying smiles, some with stoic gazes and others sending chills down my spine with pleading faces. Travelling through the ages and lands, I continued to the Pacific islands and to ancient Egypt where I became caught in the weaves of dance and the ribbons of music produced by a group of dancers rehearsing in front of an ancient Egyptian temple.


On the second floor of the Met was the majority of the paintings. From traditional, classical Italian paintings of God and nobles, to modern, impressionistic French and Dutch paintings of sunsets and mountains, the Met had everything. Every piece was intricate and beautiful.


On a side branch from the classical art, I stumbled upon a tiny exhibit of musical instruments. This was by far my favourite exhibit. It showcased a plethora of oddly shaped brass and woodwind instruments from different time periods and countries; some of which I couldn’t begin to fathom how to play.

Nearing the end of my time at the Met, I sprinted through the hall of knights and armor of the medieval period.

I left the museum with satisfied eyes but a grumbling tummy and a hungry mouth. As my next stop of the day was the Frick’s collection, I grabbed a panini from Via Quadronno which was on the way to the next gallery. The panini was fresh and delicious, just not quite worth it’s price point.

Prosciutto di Parma ($10)

On Wednesday afternoons, admission is also “pay what you wish” with free audio guides at the Frick’s collection. Here, I strongly recommend getting an audio guide as there aren’t any descriptions or explanations for the paintings. The art at Frick’s is stunning and is set in a beautiful, intimate setting.


I stayed at Frick’s until they closed, then took the bus back to midtown where I met my sister for dinner at a Michelin star Chinese restaurant: Café China. This was my very first experience at a Michelin star restaurant and it sure did not disappoint. The service was outstanding (for a Chinese restaurant) and the food was delicious.


We ordered the shredded tripe with chili oil, the Eggplant in Garlic Sauce, the Double Cooked Pork and the Scallion pancake. All the flavours of the dishes were extremely well balanced. Although the dishes were spicy, the spice merely complements the other flavours in the dish.


The star of the night was the scallion pancake. Tender, yet crisp and flaky, it seemed to melt in my mouth.

With our bellies full, and our taste buds satisfied, we headed back home. Today was a great day.


2 thoughts on “Satisfying the Senses

  1. I absolutely love your vocabulary:)) Also, scallion pancakes are my jam. I had a friend in elementary school and her Mom knew I loved them. So, everytime my friend had them for lunch there was a separate container for me! Score!


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