Goodbye BC

It’s the end of my summer. I boarded a flight last Wednesday to fly across the country and to move back to school. From blueberry picking, to long hikes, to eating my mom’s cooking, it has been a memorable two months of seeing my family and friends back in BC.

Deep Cove

Being back home, I realized I had forgotten the vastness of the ocean and the majesty of the mountains (I honestly wondered if the mountains had grown taller after arriving home). I had forgotten the dazzling red and gold sunsets framed by the dike, the mountains and the sea. I had forgotten the glorious woody smell of the evergreen trees of our forests. I didn’t truly appreciate the Greater Vancouver area for its lush, impressive landscape until I had moved away.

Smokey haze over Garibaldi Lake

Even though BC has been under a state of emergency due to the forest fires, the beauty of the west coast still shone through. The sky was hazy and smokey, but that just made the sunsets all the more stunning; it turned the sun into a brilliant, glowing piece of ember. Although the air quality was terrible (and I may have killed my lungs), my friends and I still went on six-hour long hikes up to the tops of the mountains with views that made my heart sing.

Elfin Lakes

This summer, I rediscovered the grandeur of my home and learned to cherish what I have. I’m going to miss the west coast (#bestcoast). Thank you friends for making this summer an amazing one. I can’t wait to be back in the winter!

Sunset at Garry Point


*Sorry about the late post. I went camping from Sunday to Tuesday and didn’t get the chance to finish writing before the trip. Then, I didn’t have access to my photos because I didn’t transfer them to my other computer before I left for school. 

2 thoughts on “Goodbye BC

  1. I love your photos!

    It’s funny isn’t it!? You don’t really notice how lovely your homeland is until you leave it. I felt the same way about the UK. Before I moved away, I thought all the historical buildings and green fields were boring. It was a nice surprise to learn to appreciate them as an adult. Anyway, I get how you feel.

    I recently moved to BC and I am sooo impressed. You are from a beautiful beautiful area!!

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