Victoria Part 2: The Pacific Marine Route

Day two of our road-trip was a true testament of a road-trip.

We had our breakfast at Uvic, then got in the car and started on the Pacific Marine Circle Route.


The Pacific Marine Circle route is a round trip itinerary that goes from Victoria to Cowichan Bay, up to Port Renfrew and back down to Victoria through Sooke. This was an ambitious amount of distance to travel in one day.


We arrived at the quaint town of Cowichan Bay around noon and were a little hungry. We decided to enter Hillary’s cheese to sample some cheeses.


Mmm. I don’t quite remember which cheeses we sampled… But I do remember that they were delicious.We even got a goat cheese and a salami for home.




The next part of this road-trip was long and winding. All the twist and turns made me a feel a little ill. However, the stunning scenery made up for the length and discomfort.

Our next stop was the Botanical beach park in Port Renfrew. This park has one of the most interesting landscapes that I have ever seen. It’s difficult to tell in the picture but the rock formations jut out of the ground in seemingly delicate layers.


The actual beach however, is a tide pool paradise during low tide. I could’ve spent the entire day exploring the diverse wildlife and trails.

The beach at Botanical Beach
Fancy rock formations in Botanical Beach park

We went to China beach next  which is a beautiful beach but nothing truly special. Instead of lingering there, we decided to hike up to Mystic beach to find out what made it “mystic”. The hike was fantastic. There were lots of great changes in terrain, from wooden planks, to tree roots, to dirt and to mud. All of which made it really fun and interesting. The views throughout the hike reminded me of Emily Carr’s paintings.

Mystic Beach

Mystic beach was a stunning beach and I could’ve spent longer there. But, it was getting dark and we didn’t want to be hiking in the dark. So we hurried back through the forest and to our car.

Mystic Beach

By the time we returned to the car, it was already 8pm. We had another two hours to drive to return to Victoria. We resolved to return to Sooke the next day rather than rushing and not truly seeing a thing. That night, we had a nice bowl of Pho at Pho Hoa. It wasn’t fancy, but the noodle soup was comforting after a long and tiring day.


Hilary’s Cheese
1737 Cowichan Bay Rd
Cowichan Bay, BC

Pacific Marine Circle Route

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