Victoria: A twist of past and present

It’s summer time and you know what that means… It’s time to go on a road trip!


We put aside a weekend to go somewhere but we didn’t decide on where to go until Friday night. We finally put the pin down on Victoria.


Early Sunday morning, we hopped in the car and drove down to the ferry. The views throughout the boat ride were absolutely astounding.


We arrived around noon and went in search of a place to park and a place to eat. I recalled that there was a great breakfast/lunch place that I had been wanting to go to for a long time called: “The Blue Fox Cafe”, which is located on Fort Street. They are known for their amazing egg benedicts. When we arrived, we groaned at the long line of outside. Still, we remained vigilant.


Once seated, I had the difficult task of choosing only one of their egg bennys. I finally decided on the Moroccan Chicken Benny, Mom on the Slow Roasted Puled Pork Quesadila and Dad on the Salish Salmon Omelette.


When we finished eating, we were stuffed like turkeys on Thanksgiving. The portions were very generous but we ate every last bite because everything was absolutely delicious.

After that filling meal, we strolled back down Fort St all the way to Inner Harbor where we wandered around. It was a beautiful day and the streets were bustling with tourists.

Inner Harbour

Being the bookworm that I am, I dragged Mom and Dad to two great independent bookstores. Stop #1: Munro’s books on Government Street. This bookstore was founded by the Alice Munro and her husband, so of course, we had to go and check it out. Munro’s books is situated in a stunning heritage building. They have a lovely selection of books and we left with one for ourselves.


After exploring bookstore #1, we headed back up Fort Street to peruse Russel’s books. Now this was a bookstore that I could live in. With three floors filled from floor to ceiling with new and used books, there is something for everyone. We left happily with three great new reads.

Russel’s books

With our heads full of words, we continued the long walk up Fort Street to Craigdarroch Castle. This castle was built by the Dunsmuirs, a wealthy coal mining family.

Craigdarroch Castle (Front)

The architecture is beautiful with inspiring stained glass windows and intricate wood paneling. I was taken back to the Victorian era.

Craigdarroch Castle (Back)

Coming back to the present, we trekked all the way back down Fort Street — the 4th time that day– and at last, back to our car. Relieved to sit down after walking all day we decided to drive to Fisherman’s Wharf where we heard that we could see and feed big fat seals.


Sadly, we were too late for the seals. They had already been well fed and gone away. Instead, we got some delicious fish and chips from Barb’s fish and chips. we shared a thick and creamy seafood chowder, as well as the crispy oyster fish and chips (If you have never had oyster fish & chips, you are missing out big time).


It was a long first day in Victoria but it was fun and filled with delicious food, beautiful sights and great bookstores.



The Blue Fox Cafe
101 – 919 Fort Street
Victoria, B.C.
V8V 3K3 Canada

Barb’s Fish & Chips
1 Dallas Road
Victoria, BC
V8V 0B2 Canada




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